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Would you like?

 An inspiring- or customized story for your organisation or special occasion

✓ Learn to create and tell an authentic story with confidence

✓ Guidance how to create the story of your team or organisation. For better collaboration, communication and connection

 Working through stories and the process of storytelling especially for your organisation with social relevance. I have a suitable offer for you!

As a professional Storyteller, trainer and coach
I am happy to help you!

‘I create and tell stories that sometimes move gently, with a smile and a wink and with something to think about even further …’

‘Pauline has that unique combination!

‘She not only knows how to write and tell good stories.
In addition, she is also a skilled trainer and coach. She connects people with their own story and with each other. She works professionaly, carefully and creatively with people, organisations and their stories!’

– Mia Verbeelen, Colleague Storyteller and Trainer –

Welcome to Storywise
Pauline Seebregts

Performance …

My name is Pauline Seebregts. As a professional storyteller I like to create and tell inspiring stories. I search until I find words and images that fit the occasion and that touch head and hearts. Whether it is a story performance, a lecture on a specific topic by stories or an inspirational session.

… and Process Guidance

As a trainer and coach I guide teams and groups through Storytelling and dialogue. A process that leads to better collaboration, communication and connection.

I see it happening again and again! When people really start telling their own story, they touch the other person. Whether that is as a director for your organisation or as a colleague in your team

Stories in ‘Small Circles’ …

I also enjoy telling meaningful stories in small circles. For a special occasion, such as a wedding, funeral, birth, anniversary or birthday. Or a meaningful transition in your organisation. Do you want a special ritual? I accompany you!

I would be happy to help you decide which story is appropriate for you, your team, organisation or community!

With Storytelling en Storylistening contributing in an inspiring and healing way to the fabric of people and stories we are all part of. 

I stand for quality, attention and heart’

What I can offer!


Storytelling performances
that touch and inspire

As a Professional Storyteller/Storyteller
I perform with storytelling performances.

Often about socially
relevant themes. 
At home and abroad.

‘Entertaining wisdom’



Customised stories
that touch head and hearts

Create support and awareness with a tailor-made story or performance in an inspiring way.

E.g. when it comes to that necessary change in your team or organisation.

Stories that touch
the Heart of the Matter


Telling your story with confidence and fun!

Tell your unique story in an authentic way with peace of mind. Because that has impact!

I also train, coach and guide you when it comes to the
‘Art of Storytelling’.

Also in business settings


Speaking frankly, listen to each other openly and taking wiser decisions

With ‘Storytelling’ and ‘Deep Democracy’ listening and taking better decisions.

Create a Vision/Change Story with the Storytelling Method.

Or bring ’the Core Values’
in your organisation to life.

Giving meaning to stories

‘Social stories and social relevant themes
are close to my heart!’ 

a small selection;
* after the first lock-downs, I provided narrative evaluations for healthcare workers. This brought renewed connection in the care teams.

* together with refugees, we worked on raising awareness through their stories in schools to educate students.

* as a storyteller I took part in a social design project about loneliness, to make the subject more open for discussion.

* I wrote a future story in the context of sustainability for a municipality. It stimulated the imagination!

* I organized a story project in a women’s prison. It contributed to more self-esteem and confidence.

‘People make stories and stories make people. Stories weave the fabric of our identity…’

Pauline Seebregts
– Versatile Story Practitioner –

As professional performer, she creates performances with social relevance on themes such as; loneliness, refugee issues, healthcare, sustainability, spirituality, conflicts and peace. Performing at home and abroad.

Her specialty is creating tailor-made stories and performances. She collects true stories in, for example, an organization – around a specific theme – and transforms them into appealing storytelling performances that touches the heart.

She is also an experienced process facilitator, trainer and coach, on the other hand. Her education and training looking at people and organizations in a systemic way contributed to the deepening of her work.

She has already guided many teams and organizations, for example through the storytelling methodology in the context of change -, leadership- and vision processes. A process that leads to better collaboration, communication and connection.

Pauline is also a freelance member of the Storytelling Academy in Utrecht, where she trains people in ‘The Art of Storytelling’.


‘Storyteller Pauline Seebregts elected as Story Ambassador’

‘In 2017, Pauline Seebregts was chosen by a jury of experts as Storytelling Ambassador for the Netherlands and Flanders, because of her versatile merits for the storytelling profession. She has a warm, expressive way of telling. Her stories are often experienced as inspiring moments of ‘entertaining wisdom’

– From: Jury Report Election Story Ambassador –

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